Changing Banks

At Fisher National Bank we know how challenging it can be to switch banks.

This Switch Kit Checklist ensures your transition to be as seamless as possible with one of our service representatives with you every step of the way!

  1. Open your new Fisher National Bank checking account

    • View the list of accounts we offer on our website or visit one of our locations to let us help you decide which account that is right for you

      • Order a debit card

      • Set up online banking, bill pay and mobile app

      • Order checks if necessary

  2. Stop using the account you wish to close

    • Cancel all automatic withdrawals, stop writing checks and do not use your debit card on the checking account you wish to close. This will give all outstanding transactions a chance to clear your former account

  3. Establish all direct deposits with Fisher National Bank

    • If your paycheck is automatically deposited, notify your employer you wish to change the account your paycheck is deposited in. Your employer will need:

      • The Fisher National Bank routing number

      • Your Fisher National Bank account number

      • You may need to provide a voided check – one of our representatives will assist you with this

    • If you have social security automatically deposited, any one of our representatives can give you the phone number to call or would be happy to make the call with you

  4. Move all automatic payments to your Fisher National Bank checking account

    • All payments to services such as TV, Internet, credit cards, etc… can usually be switched online or via phone. The company will need your new account number and Fisher National Bank routing number, or if paying by debit card, your new debit card number

      • As an alternative, all payments can be set up for free using the Fisher National Bank Bill-Pay service

    • Loan payments at other financial institutions will need to be changed at the other financial institution.

      • Your account number may simply need to be changed to your Fisher National Bank account number

      • You may need to cancel the automatic payment with the other financial institution and set the payment up through Fisher National Bank

  5. Close your former bank account

    • After all charges have cleared your former checking account, your automatic debits are being withdrawn and automatic credits are being deposited to your Fisher National Bank account, you are ready to close your former checking account.

If you would like assistance with any of these steps please call one of our locations and a Customer Service Representative would be more than happy to sit down with you.