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Main Facility - Fisher, IL

Phone: 217-897-1136 
Fax: 217-897-1380

Michael W Estes, President -  
Eric E Stalter, Senior Vice President -  
Julie A Welborn, Vice President & Cashier -  
Angela M Seidelman, Vice President of Lending -  - Mobile App Link
Crystal A. Bayler, Assistant Vice President -  
General Information - 

Branch Facility - Mahomet, IL

Phone: 217-586-1136 
Fax: 217-586-1138

Ryan E Heiser, Senior Vice President -  
Ryan G Wingard, Branch Manager -
Jason B Enos, Asst Branch Manager/Loan Administrator - - Mobile App Link
Taylor M Reynolds, Commercial Banking Specialist -

FNB Mortgage Solutions – Champaign, IL

Phone: 217-607-1737 

Damian C. Spencer, Senior Vice President -  - Mobile App Link
Tiffany A Stalter, Assistant Vice President - 
Shannon Malloch, Loan Processor -

FNB Wealth Management

Emergency Contacts

If you have lost your card or you think it has been stolen, use these numbers to protect your identity and your credit.

Lost or Stolen FNB Credit Card 1.800.883.0131 
Lost or Stolen Debit/ATM Card 1.217.897.1136

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