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Banking Is Caring

Is there a single word that describes Champaign­Urbana, Mahomet and Fisher banking? A typical bank customer might say "loans". Another might use the word "modern." And plenty of people will use the word "secure". Plenty of banks do loans, are modern and are secure. But banking in East Central Illinois can also be called "caring" ­­ thanks to Fisher National Bank.

Eric Stalter is a Senior Vice President, and he knows you win and retain customers because you care about them. "Caring is taking care of the customer's needs, not just their financial needs," says Eric. "We participate in the community. ... We look at what we can do, not as how it affects our bottom line, but is it the right thing to do. Are we good members of the community? We're not just taking from the community."

Maybe Eric's created a new slogan for banking in towns like Fisher, Mahomet and Champaign­Urbana: "We're not just taking from the community." But isn't that what we expect from most banks? We give them our money, then take it back when we need it. Not so, says Eric: "I get so many customers that will come in and spend an hour and before you know it the day is gone. I look and say, 'Oh gosh, I didn't get things done!' ­­ but you did get something done. You spent time with someone. You learned more about them, they learned more about you. It makes for a better day. It makes for a better business."

Customer Care, Co­worker Care

Banking customers in Champaign­Urbana, Mahomet and Fisher have plenty of places to put their money, but none offer the level of customer care found at Fisher National Bank. Julie Welborn, Vice President / Cashier, says customers don't just come to FNB to bank, they come to visit. Why? Julie thinks it's because of the un­bank like, relaxed atmosphere. Julie says, "The customers will come in and just want to visit more about what's going on in my personal life, their personal life, and it's not so business like. It's more a relaxed atmosphere. I had a customer yesterday that was having an issue with their mom's check book. We talk about family, just making sure that everything works out for them for business problems. It's more discussion. ... They always ask questions about my life just as much as I ask about theirs."

But the unique style of caring Fisher National Bank provides to customers extends to co­workers. Crystal Bayler, an Assistant Cashier, knows first hand the level of care and concern FNB employees provide. Crystal says, "About a year ago my husband was diagnosed with cancer and as a result of the brutal treatment that he was going through he lost his job. While we're getting along just fine. I think that my co­workers wanted to help us out a little bit. It was right before Christmas, and they gave me a receipt that someone had put money into our account anonymously. I had a feeling that it wasn't just anyone..."

Her intuition was right. Crystal soon found out that her co­workers had pitched in to help her husband and her through a tough period. Crystal says, "You don't just get that everywhere. That's because we care about each other. They saw that I had a need and they wanted to help."

Co­workers: It's What Makes Fisher, Mahomet and Champaign Banking So Great!

Looking for a bank in Champaign­Urbana, Fisher or Mahomet, Illinois? Perhaps you should consider interviewing the staff about what they think of where they work and who they work with. If you did, you would discover the employees of Fisher National Bank truly care about their co­workers. Crystal Bayler, an Assistant Cashier at Fisher National Bank, puts it best: "We have a great relationship. Everybody works really well together. I think that everybody really genuinely cares for each other." And while awesome co­workers helps to create an awesome work environment, it means even better things for banking customers: "I think we treat our customers the same way we treat each other. It's one of those things where we feel so strongly about helping each other, and I think that does trickle over to helping our customers. We're here to make something happen that they're trying to accomplish. Whether that's buying a car or setting up a savings account, we genuinely care about our community."

Vice President of Lending Angie Seidelman agrees: "I just like the fact that when I sit down with a customer, whether it's for a car or a house, I'm always trying to look at their best interest and to treat them the way that I would want to be treated on the other side of the desk." This means helping the customer into a loan that works best for them, not the bank: "I don't try to put somebody in something that they can't afford. I try to teach the young people the importance of credit and how to save up to buy a house." Angie is happy to share the things they need to do today to be prepared to buy a house in five years." Why not sell them on a loan today, right now? Because, Angie says, by mentoring future customers she's giving them "the tools and the savings" to help them accomplish their goals. In the end she knows they'll come back to her when it's time for a loan.

Meet the Bank President Who Really Knows What Community Banking Is

What does the President of Fisher National Bank do? Mike Estes jokingly tells people, "I'm the nut that holds the wheel on. People work with me, not for me." It's this type of leadership that explains why Fisher National Bank is one of East Central Illinois' most respected banks. Mike's been a part of Fisher National Bank for many years and is working with a third generation of customers: "When I started I was dealing with the parents of kids my age, and I'm dealing with kids my age and I'm dealing with their kids. In small­town U.S.A. there isn't anything better."

By "small­town U.S.A." Mike means the small towns of Champaign­Urbana, Mahomet and, of course, Fisher ­­ three locations that, combined, make for a refreshingly unique banking experience. Mike explains: "Treat people the way you want to be treated. It's a pretty simple formula. ... I hope if I've instilled anything in my co­workers, it's that. My goal is always to turn that, hopefully, satisfied customer into a sales rep. We're not paying them for advertising. If they want to go out there and say good things about us because we've treated them right, then man, God bless them. "

It's certainly no surprise that the big reason so many in East Central Illinois choose Fisher National Bank is the local feel. Mike says they were talking about how many employees have graduated from Fisher High School, and it was "eighty or eighty­five percent of us. ... I think that's neat that I feel like the bank has been able to provide these people a place to live here and raise their families here, right in the community they grew up in or graduated from. That's what I'm most proud of and that's what keeps me going."

Fisher National Bank's eChecking - What Our Customers Say, Part 4

Customer Lowell: I bank at Fisher National because it's convenient, they have great help here, always accommodating. We need lots of help as you get older so they help us with automatic bill pay and questions that we can't figure out on the Internet.

Customer Carol: I​think the most important thing about them is that we can count on them to do what they say, to protect our money and I think that's the most important. I think I had a few concerns about e­checking because I'm not so young anymore and all these new things, but everything has come out really well. I really like it.

Lowell: We weren't too sure about it because we always wanted to put it in savings or other investments, but this has worked out really well for us, and we like it. What I like about it is they give us a little interest on it and they're very helpful in helping us get it set up. Good people here. Come check them out. They've been good for us.

For account eligibility and details, c​lick here.

Fisher National Bank's eChecking - What Our Customers Say, Part 3

Customer Josh Dallas: The convenience of e­banking for me is just, it's a huge time­saver. It's simple, it's easy. You don't always have to bug people about it or wait for return calls or emails. You can log on and do everything yourself. E​­checking is easy, it's convenient. I just log on from any computer or my phone, and I can check any transaction. I can, like, even go back pretty far in history and check transactions.

Customer Lisa Martin: T​he greatest thing is that I recently downloaded the app, and I am able to easily log in at the touch of a button. I am to my account, which is great in this day and age because so many, like little things you have to watch, I think, with your money. And it's great that I can just do that at the drop of a hat.

Josh Dallas: The main thing that I like about it, because, as far as the e­checking account is, simply the fact that I'm always on the go. And you know, you always get charged those fees when you're using the ATM machine, and they may charge you 2 dollars or 3 dollars, or whatever it may be. Well, using the systems there at Fisher National, they give that money back. So I think that it's a nice perk, and you know, that was one of the things that I liked about it, and why I chose to go that route.

For account eligibility and details, c​lick here.

Fisher National Bank's eChecking - What Our Customers Say, Part 2

Customer Audrey: I like e­checking because at the end of the month I earn interest on my account. I also get refunds on any ATM fees that I might have paid throughout the month, which is something you don't get most places. I use my e­checking account for bill pay. Every month, every utility bill, car payment, rent, everything comes straight out of bill pay online. I also use online banking pretty much every day to monitor my account, see what's come through, make sure there weren't any charges that I didn't make or anything that was unexpected coming through.

Customer Crickett: I love my e­checking account at Fisher National Bank, one, because it's always online. It's always available 24/7. I can go online and view my account, see the transaction, see the deposits. Anything that I've done with my account I can see it immediately. Another thing I like is if I'm not in the immediate area and I have to withdraw money from an ATM, Fisher National Bank reimburses that fee that the other facility may charge for using their ATM. That's very nice.

For account eligibility and details, c​lick here.

Fisher National Bank's eChecking - What Our Customers Say, Part 1

Customer Dr. Daniel Walk: I use eChecking with Fisher National Bank because it helps me to keep my finances accounted for. It saves me a lot of time and helps me to grow as a business, but also frees up my time so that I have more time to spend with my family and doing those things that I love. The eChecking and security has never been an issue of mine. I really like how the Fisher National Bank puts alerts up on the top of the eChecking, so I know that they're always looking out for me. I've even had some times when I've gotten that phone call to make sure the transactions had been made by myself because some of my business, I purchase products sometimes out of the country, so they're always checking on me.

Customer Carol Heiser: One of the things that's really changed in banking is eChecking, and I like it because I really don't have to go to paper to find something. I can find it immediately, eChecking is very, very convenient.

Customer David Kelley: W​hat I really like about the eChecking is the ease of use. My 87­year­old mother actually uses eChecking, so you got to give them credit. They made it simple, they made it easy to use, and anyone can do it.

For account eligibility and details, c​lick here.

Meet some of the staff at FNB Mahomet Branch - Part 4

If you're looking for that small town life where everyone cares about each other, then Mahomet, Illinois, is the place. We talked to employees at the Mahomet branch of Fisher National Bank about why they like Mahomet.

For starters, says Senior Vice President Ryan Heiser, Mahomet's a tight-knit group that's very goal-oriented. Ryan explains, "The community is awesome. Everybody supports the school district. The rec programs are amazing. It's just a great community to live in."

Jordan agrees. A Customer Service Representative at Fisher National Bank of Mahomet, he says the best thing about the community is definitely the people: "Everybody has a sense of pride in every aspect of the community. It's got that small town feel that I think is really special."

Taylor is from "out of town." She grew up in Fisher and works at Fisher National Bank of Mahomet, but immediately felt welcomed by her co-workers: "I feel like I could step right in and move to Mahomet tomorrow and I'd be a part of the gang. I feel like they are very welcoming."

Because the citizens of Mahomet are so very committed to their town, Ryan says that same commitment has become a big focus for Fisher National Bank recently. In fact, Ryan says, "I think that's been our primary focus the last several years. We've put a lot of emphasis on community events and civic organizations, school groups and functions, and everything that we can. I would say 90% of our marketing money is spent locally here in Mahomet."

That Fisher National Bank of Mahomet community focus reaches far and wide: the rec program; the high school band; chamber events; and more. Ryan says, "We want to support our community. We feel like if we take care of our community, the community will take care of us."

Meet some of the staff at FNB Mahomet Branch - Part 3

Nothing compares to small town life and Mahomet, Illinois, is a wonderful place to call home. So imagine working at one of the state's most respected banks in Mahomet. What's that like? Fisher National Bank of Mahomet's Taylor is happy to tell us: "My favorite thing working about the Fisher National Bank of Mahomet is the community. The feel that it's a small town but still growing. I know almost every face that walks into the bank! I think that's absolutely wonderful. I think the friendliness and just the small-knit community feel is what I like best."

Taylor loves coming to work at Fisher National Bank of Mahomet: "My co-workers are great. I love that we can joke every day with each other and still get work done. They made me feel really welcome the first day that I started."

Jordan, a Customer Service Representative in Mahomet, really likes the laid back environment: "We enjoy being around each other. We really embrace those light moments and we have a good time, but we manage to get our work done at the same time." Jordan also knows customers like to be recognized. He explains, "When you walk into the bank, it's a good chance that you know that person already, and that person already knows you, and you already have a good idea of what each other's interests are."

Ryan, a Senior Vice President, knows one thing's for sure: He's got a great team at Fisher National Bank of Mahomet. Ryan says, "We all work together and we all work hard. We have a lot of fun. We joke around but we still take care of the customer. I mean, that's our number one priority is to make sure that our customer's taken care of. We do that together and I think we do it well."

Meet some of the staff at FNB Mahomet Branch - Part 2

What's the day like as a Senior Vice President at Fisher National Bank of Mahomet? Ryan tells us, "Sometimes it's working with a farmer, or sometimes it's a small business customer trying to get a business off the ground. Maybe it's just a first-time home buyer."

In other words, says Ryan, people from all walks of life with a variety of banking needs feel comfortable walking in to Fisher National Bank of Mahomet. "It doesn't matter who this person is or what the situation is, we do our best to work with them and find out what they need and put that stuff into motion. The customers, they're from our community. They are people that I've known for the last 15-20 years. I take a lot of pride in helping them."

While many bankers prefer to focus only on their specific department, Ryan knows he's wearing a lot of hats at a small community bank. Ryan says that means not only taking care of customer, but "trying to counsel the customer. I think that's where we have a competitive advantage sometimes … we're able to work with the customer and find out what they actually need and maybe push them in the right direction." Ryan knows this helps them make sound financial decisions for their business.

And a final few reasons to visit Fisher National Bank of Mahomet, Illinois? "We're going to greet you with a smile," Ryan says. "And if we don't know your name we're going to learn your name because the goal is to call you by name as you walk in. We work with all the customers individually. Everybody is polite and pleasant. Our focus is customer service. That's what we pride ourselves on at the end of the day."

Meet some of the staff at FNB Mahomet Branch - Part 1

If you live, work, or play in or around Mahomet, Illinois, why choose Fisher National Bank of Mahomet? Customer Service Representative Taylor knows: "You should bank at the Fisher National Bank of Mahomet because we will go out of our way to make sure that you're taken care of. If we have to open those lobby doors for a loan officer to meet with you after hours we'll do that. It's perfectly fine with us."

Jordan agrees. The Fisher National Bank Customer Service Representative says the Mahomet location "really embodies that small town feel in every way imaginable. One of the things we really believe is that we're small enough to know you, and big enough to serve you. When you walk into the bank you're going to feel important, and your needs will be tended to."

Is it possible to summarize the Fisher National Bank of Mahomet's mission statement in one word? Senior Vice President Ryan thinks so. Ryan says, "If I'd pick word it would be 'committed'." He explains, "We are committed to our community, we are committed to our customers, and we're very committed to our employees. It's a great place to be."

Fisher National Bank Mortgages with Angie - Part 4

What's the first step when buying a home? Angie knows: "The first step in buying a home is to come and see me so we can get an application filled out. We can talk about any issues that may be on your credit report, what kind of down payment, cash reserves you may have. Things that are going to be required throughout the loan process. It'll also give you the opportunity to find out how much of the loan you're going to be approve for so you know what price range to go look at when it comes time to meet with the realtor look for houses."

Anything else, Angie? "They need to make sure that they have their credit report ready to go, in other words no blemishes or anything on their credit report. They need to have pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns with W2's ready to go. They also need to make sure if they're going to put any kind of a down payment or have any reserves that the money is in their bank account ready to be verified."

When you're ready to get into your first home, see Angie Seidelman from Fisher National Bank.

Fisher National Bank Mortgages with Damian and Angie - Part 3

You should choose Fisher National Bank for many reasons, but the main reason is simple: We have been a local community bank for a very long time and we take great pride in that. Mortgage expert Damian explains: "Yes, Fisher National Bank can do the same kind of loans that the big banks can, but we do that with our small community mindset, so it makes it a lot better experience."

Angie tells us, "The one advantage that I see: at Fisher National Bank we do all the process from A to Z. … We may have somebody helping us with some documentation, so you may talk to two people, but mostly the decision making process from start to finish is made by the loan officer. If you've ever had to call somewhere to ask a question about something, whether it's a utility company or anything that you do in your daily routine of your job, you may talk to three different people, and it's always a good feeling to have that one person, one phone number that you can contact and ask your questions."

Fisher National Bank Mortgages with Damian - Part 2

Ready to buy a home? Damian tells us the financing part is really the first step. "Realtors want to know that you can get financing before they'll take you out and show you a bunch of houses. You need to know you can get financing because you don't want to go out and get your heart out for something you can't get. No, that's not fun for anybody."

Fisher National Bank will talk to you about different loan programs and amounts you might need to have saved for closing -- so that you don't panic at the end.

So, the first step should always visit your lender first. At Fisher National Bank we'll talk about what you're looking for, what you want to get accomplished, what kind of payment you're comfortable with, and more.

Damian says, "We could talk for seven or eight hours about mortgages... or you could tell me a little bit about what you want and we'll talk about that specifically." Then Fisher National Bank can tailor a mortgage to the customer's need.

He adds, "Some people come in feeling like they're sitting down to speak to a salesman. I don't think this job is sales at all, I think it's more educational…"

Fisher National Bank's Mahomet Branch with Jessica and Tad, Part 1

Fisher National Bank's Mahomet branch is all about the community. Jessica says, Everything we do revolves around the community and how we can better it. We're a full service branch, so we offer deposits, we offer withdrawals for money, we have the deposit side and we have the loan side. You can do consumer loan, mortgage loan, any type of loan." But it's more than the usual bank stuff. "Everybody cares about each other. … Everywhere we go, we know somebody."

Tad adds, "I just love the way that we can cater to every customer, whether it's mortgage, whether it's personal. There aren't too many customers that come in our branch that don't at least stop in one of our offices and talk, after they're done with their transactions, to have a cup of coffee." And, he adds, "It seems like more customers come in our lobby than go through our drive-through, because I think they do appreciate the home feel of coming into their community bank to see their bankers and tellers. It's an enjoyable experience for them, and it's great for us to be able to give back to them.

Fisher National Bank's - Farmers Breakfast

Fisher National Bank host the Farmers Breakfast, an extension of the Fisher Community Fair.

Eric explains: "We do something special for the other farmers in the community who spend a lot of time at the fair. They put a lot of volunteer hours ... we wanted to recognize them, to say thank you. We go out bright and early in the morning, sometimes five in the morning, and start cooking sausage patties and pancakes. We've had some really quality speakers from the University of Illinois Ag Department. Sometimes we get the Farm Bureau to [come out] to explain what's important politically for farmers to keep their businesses strong, which, in turn, keeps the community strong."

"Farmers are just quality people who will give you the shirt off your back,and help a neighbor when they're down, so they're pretty special in my eyes."

Fisher National Bank's - Sangamon River Music Festival

Fisher National Bank is a presenting sponsor of the Sangamon River Music Festival, and it's a really great time for everyone. It's music. It's rides for the kids. There's food for everyone. Fisher National Bank's Jason sums it up: "It's just a really good time."

Ryan Heiser serve on the committee for the Sangamon River Music Festival, which is held on the third weekend of August every year in Mahomet, Illinois. Ryan says, "In my opinion, it's Mahomet's premier event. It's a family-friendly event." People from all over Champaign county are invited to listen to the great music, ride the rides and enjoy the carnival food.

Fisher National Bank's Jason Enos points out that the Sangamon River Music Festival is "a good chance for everyone to just come out and have a nice time. It's a good chance for everyone to get to know some businesses they didn't know before, get a chance to talk with the people that run them."

Fisher National Bank's - Fisher Fair

Fisher is a small town, but it's hard to deny the Fisher Fair is one of the best fairs in Illinois. Making it even better, says Eric, is the fact that the Fisher Fair is 100% volunteer. He says, "No one gets paid to do anything. We put on an event that lasts for 5 days and it takes 360 days before that to get ready for it!"

Fisher area residents are passionate about the fair. Eric says, "They take vacation time to put on an event that draws people from all over the area. It's one of the safest fairs. It's clean. It's well run. It's well respected. … It's kind of an extension of Fisher. It's the best advertising that we can do."

Fisher National Bank is there because it's important to be involved in the community. Eric says, "It allows us to say 'thank you' to our customers who have given us so much. It's a small way that we can give back. Yeah, we're not in here making loans every day, but we're also serving our community. It doesn't maybe add to the bottom line of the bank, but it adds to the overall well being of the community."

Fisher National Bank's - Bunnie Classic

We love golf! There are several golfers at Fisher National Bank and we've taken that passion and turned it into something beneficial for the community -- the annual Bunnie Classic. This event was started some 20 years ago by a group of individuals in Fisher, while Fisher Bank had its own outing. Eventually we merged them for a single, large golf outing.

Businesses are involved in the Bunnie Classic, and there are a lot of alumni playing. This is a big reunion for the school district.

Are we good golfers? Julie admits, "I am not a very good golfer but I have a lot of fun. I play fast. We don't let anything get in our way. Our goal is, how fast can we play?"

Crystal warns, "Don't believe a thing that Ryan Heiser tells you about his golf game, because I've heard about his golf game. If you want to make sure you don't get hit, you better be standing behind him!"

Ryan comes to his own defense: "My golf game has dramatically improved over the last year..." Yes, Ryan, but what about the goose? Ryan confesses: "I was teeing off on a par-4, trying to hit the ball over a lake, and I hit the ball low and the goose was trying to get up out of the lake and fly, and I hit it square underneath the wing. Hopefully nobody calls PETA on me."

Why Fisher National Bank Believes in Community Banking

In Mahomet, Illinois, Fisher National Bank has stepped up to sponsor community organizations and events, like the Mahomet parks and recreation department, school events and the Sangamon River Music Festival. The bank does it because, says Ryan Heiser, Senior Vice President, "All those things help make our community grow. Mahomet is known for its school district and the parks and rec department. Again, us being able to be involved in those, that just helps strengthen our community and eventually it'll help us in the long run as well."

How Fisher National Bank Supports the School District

Fisher National Bank supports the school districts because the school districts help the communities. Vice President Julie Welborn: "Having our school right here in Fisher helps the community grow and that helps the bank. We feel it's very important to keep that school district here and not be farmed out to another school district." Two examples: We helped purchase a curtain for the stage at Fisher for the gymnasium and we helped with the track.

And Julie knows community banking is very special because "our customers walk in and we know them, and they know us. … I have individuals that come in the office that are going through estate planning and trying to figure out what they're going to do when they've lost a loved one. There's people coming in that are just happy because they bought a new house and we're helping them that way too. We really enjoy our customers!"

Fisher National Bank is a Part of Your Community

We feel we are a huge part of this community, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Fisher National Bank President Mike Estes says that the bank is so involved in the community "we're conspicuous by our absence, and I kind of like that. I like people who, if we don't do something, say, 'Gosh, how come the bank wasn't involved in that this time?'"

Mike says, "You look up and down the teller line, or through the offices of the officers here, and you can pick out: he's involved in the fire department; they're very heavily involved in their church; they've worked with the Little League; and they're working at soccer…"

Have You Joined us for Movie Night?

If you enjoy movies with friends, let us tell you about Movie Night. Fisher National Bank's Crystal Bayler explains that "it's kind of a throwback to our old fashioned movie nights that we all went to as kids. I can remember as a young girl going downtown Fisher and we would take our lawn chairs or our blankets and go downtown and set up on the street and just watch a movie as a family."

A few years ago Fisher National Bank decided that it would be great to bring that back, that as a business leader in the community we can sponsor events that give people in Fisher, Illinois, that sense of community and that sense of remembering the good old days.

The reason is simple: When we're involved in the community, then our customers and even potential customers see us as real people. Crystal says, "We care about them whether they're banking with us or not. We care about our community members. We're your friends, we're your neighbors, and if you need something that we can help you with as a banker, come see us because you've met us out on the street and you've met us at one of our events that we sponsor and we've made a connection and hopefully that connection can develop into a long term relationship."

Maddie Talks about Youth Banking

What's the best age for a bank account? Maddie says it's really based on your personal preference, but probably when you start getting money from a job or even money for Christmas or a birthday. When a bit of money begins to come in it's smart to have a checking or savings account That way, whenever you're at an age where you need to start spending it you have that money set aside, all in one place. Another benefit of a child opening a checking or savings account -- it's really cool to watch it grow!

And for college kids, it's nice to have a Fisher National Bank account because adaptable to wherever you are. It's simple to go online or on the app to get information.

It's never too early to begin setting money aside as a backup, because it's so tempting to want to spend it all.

Using the Fisher National Bank App

Yes, Fisher National Bank has a mobile app and online banking. With the Internet being as accessible as it is these days, you can just log onto your mobile app or online banking and see how much money you have, see what kind of deposits are coming in the future.

The mobile app is really convenient because it's got everything in one place. You can have your savings account on there, your checking account, and so on. And if you ever lose your debit card, you can restrict it -- lock it down. It's nice to be able to turn your debit card off and know that no one can use it if it has been stolen.

Another advantage of the mobile app: Being able to transfer money from one account to the other without having to call or sign a piece a paper. It's all within your control right through the app.

College Banking

Right when you get into college, it's probably your first taste of freedom and your first time really being on your own and being independent. And your first few days on campus, there are going to be a lot of people coming up to you left and right saying, "Buy this, buy that. Contribute to this, contribute to that. Join this club." You can easily get caught up in that. I think it's really important to keep track of all your finances and know how much money you have and how much money you want to save. My best piece of advice to new college students may not be the most fun advice, but it's important to save money and put money away for the future. It's also important to have money to spend and have fun with, but you'll thank yourself later if you're putting money away and keeping it in the bank.

Banking and Checking Accounts for Children and High Schoolers

When's the best time to start a bank account for a child? We believe it's whenever your kids are old enough to understand what money is. When they start receiving checks from Grandma and Grandpa on birthdays, or if they're earning money for dog-sitting or chores, it's never too early to learn the value of saving and the power of earned money. And we find that most children enjoy the experience of opening an account at Fisher National Bank and like watching their account balance grow!

When kids get to high school it's a great time to have regular discussions with them about saving for their future -- college, larger purchases and, yes, even retirement.

Jessica on IRAs

If you're worried that, when you retire, there will be no Social Security, or if you want to be sure you have a more secure nest egg then you should consider an IRA. As Fisher National Bank's Jessica reminds us, "An IRA is the way to plan for your future, a way

to plan for your retirement ... when you're no longer working you know there is income coming in."

One benefit of an IRA is the beneficiary option. It's not uncommon for some people to overlook this when setting up an IRA. A beneficiary is payable upon death. Before then you establish who the funds are going to go to. Don't overlook it when setting up an IRA.

At Fisher National Bank we understand the importance of planning for the future. And because it's your future and it's important to you, it's important to us!

For more details on IRAs and CDs visit

Jessica on CDs

What's a CD? Jessica explains: "A CD is is a timed deposit. It's similar to a savings account because it's FDIC insured, and it is typically risk-free. At Fisher National Bank, we have so many different options for CDs. It can be as simple as a 6-month CD, or a 5-year CD. And any of our customer service reps are able to help you set up a CD on the spot. It doesn't take much time to get one established."

When you open a CD at Fisher National Bank your money is locked in for a set period of time. But we know things come up and that sometimes you need to withdraw that money prior to the maturity date, and that's fine. There's a minimal penalty, but sometimes it's worth it.

So for more info on CDs and IRAs, visit

Julie on IRAs

What's an IRA? Julie tells us, "An IRA is an individual retirement account, but everybody uses the verbiage IRA. You can't have co-owners -- this is for an individual for their retirement."

Fisher National Bank can help anyone with an IRA, and that's Julie's specialty. Stop by, sit down with Julie and ask her any questions about IRAs and funding IRAs -- even from from another institution or from a retirement plan. Paperwork can be confusing but Julie's an expert. She'll even get on the phone and talk to someone at the institution where your money is coming from.

The best thing about bringing the money to Fisher National is if someone needs the money in a retirement account, we can get it to them that day."

For more info on IRAs and CDs call Julie or visit

Julie on CDs

If you live in Central Illinois and need a CD, see us at Fisher National Bank in Fisher or Mahomet. A CD is a certificate of deposit that runs a term of between 3 months and 5 years. It's a simple, safe way to secure and save your money.

Julie points out that a CD is a great way for younger people to save for college. It's a nice place to put graduation and birthday money.

And CDs are a good investment idea for parents and grandparents for their children or grandchildren to use in the future. An amount like $500 every year really adds up!

IF you need any help with a CD stop by Fisher National Bank and talk to Julie. You can also learn more at

Farming and Banking

Eric Stalter knows: "Banking and farming are closely tied together because it takes quality people to get the job done."

Farming Heritage

What Fisher National Bank admires about farmers is their dedication. Farmers in Central Illinois are a special breed with an ability to adapt. No matter the circumstances, our farmers -- through hard work and perseverance -- get the job done every single growing season.

Eric Stalter's Personal Farming Experiences

Vice President Eric Stalter grew on a farm, just a mile outside of Fisher. His father's a farmer and his grandparents were farmers. Even his great grandparents were farmers. Eric's wife's family are all farmers, too, so it's in their blood.

Ryan Heiser's Farming Experience

Senior Vice President Ryan Heiser's first job was at age 14, and it was working for the family farm. Ryan started walking beans and detasseling corn and bailing hay. That later evolved into a regular full-time summer job where he would work on the tractors and help the farmers, mow, and tackle any chore that needed to be done.

Changes in Banking Technology

Technology and the Internet have changed banking in so many ways. Fisher National Bank President Mike Estes talks about "Banking B.C." (before computers).

Mike says, "When I started here pretty much everything was manual. I mean, writing stuff in ledger books [and using] big old mechanical machines we would use to post the check in the savings accounts. We pushed a lot of paper … pushing those little checks all over the country side!"

Before today's tech, Mike shares that a paper check would often be touch fifteen times or more. Not anymore: "Now with technology and electronics, we're not pushing paper all over the countryside. … If people can use the debit card, if they can make transactions via their smart phone or online with the computer, it just saves them time, saves us time, saves us money."

Fisher National Bank is the Central Illinois bank with the technology, website and apps you need. Visit for more information.

We're as Concerned About Banking Security as You Are

You might think small town banks don't have the same security as the larger banks, but Customer Service Representative Amy Schrock tells us, "Security is a really high priority for us. We know that when people use our website, they're putting their personal information out there, information about their money is there, and we want to keep that safe. We do everything we can to safeguard that."

Bank President Mike Estes explains how Fisher National Bank is continuously upgrading its security measures: "We recently upgraded what we call our core system to a firm that is … kind of the Cadillac of the industry, and they've done a great job with educating us on the new system."

 But security is everyone's responsibility, so whether you bank with Fisher National or elsewhere, continue to be ever vigilant and check your accounts. Mike Estes says it's up to everyone to check their accounts regularly: "Make sure those transactions are all yours, and if you see something that maybe is just a little bit askewed, call us immediately, so we can either reassure you that, yeah, this is a legitimate transaction or no, we'd better investigate it a little bit further.

If you're wondering about how the Fisher National Bank website or our app works, stop by any time. We'd be glad to explain our technology and answer any questions that you have.

Our Mobile App is Awesome

The Fisher National Bank mobile app is awesome! We know because we use it every day. Ryan Heiser says, "Even though I work at the bank and I'm in every day, it's still convenient to pull my phone up and check my balances and know what's going on with my day-to-day finances."

Fisher National Bank's Taylor Reynolds just recently downloaded the app and says it was "super easy to set up." Because she was set up for online banking her app uses the same logins.

And Ryan loves the debit card feature: "We can turn our debit cards on and off from our phone. If somebody happens to lose their debit card and they're out and about, they can log on to their phone app and turn that debit card off, which is going to freeze it from any purchases. "

Is security a concern? Taylor knows Fisher National Bank takes security seriously: "Not only am I a customer of our bank, I'm also an employee, and I know that our main goal is ... to make sure your funds are secure, that your information's secure. We are always on top of making sure you are at the highest security level, and that everything with your information is secure and safe."

Not sure about the app or online banking? Bring your smartphone to Fisher National Bank and we'll help you set up the app!

The People Behind the Technology

"We not only want to be a high-tech bank, we want to be a high-touch bank."

Fisher National Bank President Mike Estes: "I don't think technology will ever replace people. … We're dealing with our friends and our neighbors."

Fisher National is big enough to offer the same level of technology and security as big banks, but we're small enough to know you.

Mike adds, "The day that goes away, my time here will probably be gone, because I just love the interaction with the clients and with the customers, getting to know them, getting to know their kids, getting to know their family, getting to know their jobs and what they do."

"You call here, you're going to get a real person, that's where technology hasn't taken over yet."

Fisher National Bank online banking and its companion app are must-have tools for tracking and managing your money. It's our people that make Fisher National Bank a high-touch bank.

An Introduction to FNB Wealth Management

FNB Wealth Management is the newest division at Fisher National bank. We wanted to establish a new service that could allow us to facilitate all of the financial planning needs of our customers and the community. In order to continue growing like we have been, we wanted to provide some of the same services that the big banks can provide, but with that trusted community bank feel.

Within FNB Wealth Management we provide a wide variety of financial planning services for our customers, everything from retirement planning, to investing for wealth accumulation or college saving plans or possibly your personal insurance needs. We can truly be a trusted partner in building a financial plan for your future.

Give us a call today at 217-586-1136 to receive your free consultation on how to grow and protect, for your financial future.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be one of the biggest and most stressful decisions of your life. At FNB Wealth Management, we understand how difficult it can be to save and monitor your retirement assets. As a financial advisor, Brandon Cory works with a lot of individuals who are worried about their retirement future. Brandon shares that every day he hears from clients, "Am I saving enough to retire on time?", "How long will my retirement funds last me?", and "Will Social Security be around to help?"

Addressing these concerns is where FNB Wealth Management can help make the transition much easier. By educating you on the benefits of an employer retirement plan, the difference between a traditional or Roth IRA, or how inflation may impact your retirement assets could be great first steps to preparing for your financial future.

Whether you are a small business thinking about establishing a retirement plan or an individual curious about your future, call today at 217-586-1136 and find out how you can start preparing for your retirement.

Investments and Insurance

In order to build a successful financial plan one must look at the options available for them. FNB Wealth Management's Brandon Cory explains: "When I meet with a client I find out where their investments and insurance policies are at and what their goals and objectives are. Many individuals have a misconception that investing in the market may be too aggressive for them. The first step in building a successful financial plan is to educate clients on the different options that they have and the idea of diversification. This can allow them to feel much more comfortable about moving forward."

Just as important as investing appropriately is having a plan in place to protect your financial assets. Understanding how much insurance is appropriate for your individual situation could be a cost efficient way to protect you and your heirs. Call Brandon at FNB Wealth Management at 217-586-1136 to find out how you can grow and protect your assets for the future.

America Saves Week

February 22-27 is America Saves Week. It doesn’t have to be difficult to save, and as this News Gazette article states, it’s never too soon to start.

“Research by William Elliott from the University of Kansas has found that a child with even a small amount of money (less than $500) in a savings account is almost two and half times more likely to graduate from college than a child with no savings. While more research is needed on this topic, one possibility is that a child who identifies as a "college-saver" from an early age may be more engaged in school, and thus more likely to enroll in and graduate from college.”


Read the rest of the article here:

Fisher National Bank has several options for helping our customers save money, from junior savings accounts for our youngest customers to Christmas Club accounts to Money Market accounts and Certificates of Deposit.

It’s tax refund time! Please consider taking this opportunity to start saving today!

Give us a call at 217-897-1136 or 217-586-1136 or online at